LETTER:Drug warnings on television

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From Ms Nanette Bramwell

Sir: I cried as I listened to Paul and Janet Betts on the television last night as they talked about the tragedy that had befallen their daughter after taking an Ecstasy pill. The message was powerful and emotive and I am sure every parent watching was saying to themselves, "There but for the grace of God go I".

My husband and I have a daughter aged 19 and a son aged 16, and as I watched the news, it dawned on me that neither of them was sat watching this powerful message with us - they were both occupied with other things. I wonder how many other young people were watching the news? Not nearly as many as watch Neighbours, Home and Away, etc. On the whole, young people do not watch the news as a matter of course; they may be in the room when it is on, but I would guess that very few young people make a point of sitting down to watch the news as many adults do.

The young people of this country should be made aware of this tragedy, and the powerful message presented yesterday should be given to young people at a time when they do watch television. I am sure Mr and Mrs Betts did not go through the trauma they went through yesterday just to get a message across to parents. It's the young people who take these pills and it is the young people who should be getting the message.

Yours faithfully,

Nanette Bramwell

Wakefield, West Yorkshire