Letter:Effects of abortion on the lone twin

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Sir: Our history, literature and mythology are littered with tales of mothers sacrificing themselves for their children. We hold nothing more dear than a mother's love and nothing is further from that ideal than a mother saying, "I will care for this one but not for that one".

But there is another side to this story. How would a mother in these circumstances have even realised that the option to abort one twin existed? After all, we are told this is the first such operation in this country. The idea must have been presented to her by a doctor. Why would a doctor have done this? Medical reasons? It is clearly not the case that this mother was incapable of bearing children and therefore needed an abortion, as she is now continuing to term with the remaining twin.

Maybe the key is in the fact that this was the first such operation in this country. Was there scientific kudos to be had from being the first centre to carry out the procedure?


Loughton, Essex