LETTER:Equal prescription charge for everyone

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From Mr Martin Claridge and Mrs Christian Claridge

Sir: Following the latest European Court decision on age discrimination in relation to pensioners' prescription charges, we as pensioners would, even at this stage, urge the Government to be brave and take this opportunity to remove our exemption.

In our opinion, all adults should pay the same prescription charge. We would, however, expect the Government to use the money thus gained to reduce the charge for everyone to an acceptable and more affordable level. There will, of course, always have to be exemption from the charge for those on very low incomes whatever their age.

The Government may lose some votes from the old, but they can console themselves with the votes they may gain from fair-minded people of all ages and particularly, perhaps, from the sick aged less than 60, on whom such a heavy and unfair burden is now placed.

Yours truly,

Martin Claridge

Christian Claridge

Canterbury, Kent