LETTER:EU decision on Euro campaign

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From Mr Geoffrey Martin

Sir: It is not the case that the British government has blocked the European Commission from extending a single currency campaign to this country ("Britain bars publicity campaign for 'Euro' ", 23 January).

I and my colleagues have stated publicly that an advertising or propaganda campaign would be counter-productive, not least because the British Parliament has still to decide whether the UK will join the single currency. However, if people or organisations wish to find out more about the issue, whether here or in other member states, it is only right they should be able to do that and we will provide them with the necessary facts.

This is a position with which the President of the Commission entirely concurs. It may be that, for its own purposes, the Government wishes to propagate the view that it took the decision or was somehow able to "block" the Commission, but that is simply not the case.

Yours faithfully,

Geoffrey Martin

Head of Representation

in the United Kingdom

The European Commission

London, SW1