Letter:Facing facts

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From Mr Marc D. Herring Sir: Once a month I treat myself to a full facial at my local beautician's. The treatment lasts for over an hour and includes a facial scrub, facial massage, skin toning and moisturising. The result of this treat is a relaxed attitude to life's everyday stresses and strains and a healthy, invigorated complexion. I was therefore annoyed and somewhat surprised at Maggie Brown's Diary (1 February) reporting that "real men don't have facials, they wax".

I am a 31-year-old married man, working in the construction industry and live in North Wales - how much more of a "real man" do I have to be? This is the 1990s, and gender should not be cited to inhibit any individual's penchants.

Yours faithfully, Marc D. Herring Rhuddlan, Clwyd