LETTER:For the love of Myanmar

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From Mr U. Myo Nyunt

Sir: John Boorman's letter on the Union of Myanmar (6 July) must be corrected. We have made great movement ahead in Myanmar culture and morals and our biggest task is to build a united Myanmar nation. We, in the Union of Myanmar, are currently involved in the formidable task of seeking national reconciliation, accepting the ethnic minority parties back into the legal fold and drawing up a new constitution on the basis of an elected National Convention.

We do not accept that Myanmar has a problem of human rights. The people who are in jail, we can sympathise with them, but they have been jailed for unlawful acts. There is no such thing as "slave labour" in Myanmar: those referred to by Mr Boorman are giving their labour voluntarily and patriotically for the love of the Union of Myanmar. This is a centuries old tradition in Myanmar culture, a fact which Mr Boorman clearly does not appreciate.

Regarding Aung San Suu Kyi, Mr Boorman is misguided in stating that she is the elected leader. She did not take part in the elections of 1990, since, for her own benefit, she was kept away from the subversive elements at work at the time in Myanmar Naing-Ngan.

Comments such as those from Mr Boorman merely sow distrust and suspicion.

Yours sincerely,

U. Myo Nyunt

Third Secretary

Embassy of the

Union of Myanmar

London, W1