LETTER:Hackney must face independent inquiry

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From Ms Angela Pinter

Sir: As a resident of Hackney and someone from an ethnic minority, I am outraged that the people of Britain's poorest borough, such as myself, will have to pay for the alleged fraud that has been hidden by charges of "racial harassment". This is because, under "ring fencing", all losses incurred through fraud and deliberate malpractice will have to come out of the housing revenue account. That can only mean rent increases, cuts in services and repairs, or disposals of property.

What Tim Kelsey ("Hackney accused of harbouring job cheats", 5 June) did not mention was that the alleged fraud implicates former councillors. That is why a public inquiry is now the only way to clear the air and to clarify why Bernard Crofton was suspended without a shred of evidence in public. Only Ken Livingstone has called for a public inquiry, in marked contrast to the silence of local MPs and others in the soft targets of housing, education and local government.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The neurotic obsession with equal opportunities prevalent in some circles and the fraudulent use of racist issues by demagogues and worse is having serious political consequences that cannot be wished away.

Yours faithfully,


London, N16