Letter:Housing the tomorrow people

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Sir: David Walker is absolutely right to call for a return to visionary planning for land, housing and transport ("Planning without sacred cows", 31 July). Planning is not just about preventing development.

If planning is to have more credibility it must be because those involved have the courage to offer a vision of the future which can command broad support. That vision must encompass and link together economic viability, social equity, sustainability and a view of development as a positive force which we can channel to bring new life, prosperity and vitality to our cities, towns and villages. Too often our knee-jerk reaction to new development is to see it as a problem rather than as an opportunity.

Taking such a vision forward will then be a political issue - it will require the building of a consensus. At the moment not only do we lack the vision but there is little sign of the sort of political consensus- building necessary to achieve it.



Civic Trust

London, SW1