LETTER:Howarth's accurate assessment

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From The Rt Rev Edward Holland

Sir: Can the Government not understand that many of us share Alan Howarth's unhappiness with present policies? We do not want the tax cuts but, rather, wish to see taxes used well to strengthen the health service, education, investment in business, and the reduction of unemployment.

The Government underestimates us when it offers us the carrot of cuts in taxation. We are concerned for the health of our country and the future and wish to see the infrastructure strengthened and improved.

Anyone can see the effect on schools, hospitals, those in need of care, even prisons, the armed forces and the arts. And the Lottery cannot be the answer to all these problems! Many of us would be glad to see a policy of increased taxation if the money were well used.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Holland

(Bishop of Colchester)

Colchester, Essex

10 October