LETTER:Imran's wedding: unveiling some truths about Islamic customs

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From Mr Farooq Azar

Sir: The general consensus view, from both the tabloids and broadsheets, is that Imran Khan's wedding to Jemima Goldsmith is going to end in tears.

The main reason given seems to be the question of how a 21-year-old, alcohol-swigging "English Rose" with Jewish ancestry is going to cope married to an internationally known and adored Muslim personality.

In my view, quite easily. Queen Noor seems to have thrived in her marriage to King Hussein of Jordan. It is true, however, that some young women may not be able to handle being on the world stage, the Princess of Wales, for example.

As for living in Pakistan, this should hardly prove too much of a problem for Miss Goldsmith. The lite in Lahore and Karachi, which the soon-to- be Mrs Khan will be part of, enjoys in most aspects better freedom and better standards of living than you would find here in the United Kingdom.

As for alcohol, or dress codes, it is known that, as a host of a party, to hold a "dry" party would be to invite a disaster, as no one would bother to come. And, as for clothes, I have seen more skin in Lahore and Karachi than I have at any party in London.

The lite in Pakistan tends to be pseudo-Muslim for 32 days of the year, 30 days of the month of Ramadan, and the two Eid celebrations. That is, the equivalent of Christmas, Easter and Lent - hardly a bunch of bearded, AK47-carrying fundamentalists.

Yours sincerely,


London, E11

15 May