LETTER:In praise of Prince Philip

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From Lady Butter

Sir: Having read Polly Toynbee's article "A model of an absent father" (10 June) regarding the Duke of Edinburgh, I felt moved to write and try and redress just a few points. I have known and been associated with Prince Philip since childhood. His mother was never ever mad. She did have a minor breakdown from which she completely recovered and until the end of her life tried to help and serve others.

With regard to the name for the Royal Family, Prince Philip was always against the selection of the name Mountbatten which was his mother's name and it was his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, who pushed for it. Prince Philip is on record as having suggested the name the House of Edinburgh after the title given to him.

Regarding the Prince of Wales being bullied into his marriage, the decision was his. His father only asked him to make up his mind to protect Lady Diana, as she was then, and who was being put in a very difficult position in the public eye. Contrary to the sensational headlines in the Sunday Times, this is confirmed in Jonathan Dimbleby's book.

Those of us who have had the good fortune to have seen and been part of Prince Philip's family life are truly disgusted that an article that is so untrue and hurtful should have been published by a newspaper of the standing of the Independent. Prince Philip has led an amazing life of public service, cares deeply about his family and is an honourable and steadfast friend to many.

Yours faithfully,


Pitlochry, Tayside

13 June