LETTER:Israel: torn apart by two forms of terrorism

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From Mr Shaikh Mohommad

Sir: Your coverage (6 November) of the tragedy of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination contrasts with your coverage of other such tragedies in that there is no mention of religious terrorism. By contrast, you wrote without a shred of proof regarding the Oklahoma bombing that "circumstantial evidence points to an Islamic terrorist group". This change is welcome, and I hope that every tragedy will be reported fairly and not used as a vehicle to condemn, or to create hysteria against, any religion.

For too long, in Israel, terrorism by certain sections, including the state security apparatus, has been tolerated and encouraged. There are many such practices which are abhorrent to decency. For instance, it is government policy to inflict collective punishment, including the demolition of houses.

For a start, I hope the Israeli government will put an immediate stop to all actions that amount to state terrorism. Then we will be able to hope that peace in the region will prevail. Terrorism by individuals, groups or even states should not be tolerated.

Yours faithfully,

Shaikh Mohommad

Croydon, Surrey

6 November