LETTER:Law should distinguish between `mob' and peaceful protesters

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From Mr G. F. Steele

Sir: In your article on Mark Glover, he says "the most basic animal right of all is not to end up on the end of someone's fork". What about feeding pet animals?

When I had a cat, it showed complete disdain for anything other than meat or fish. Looking at the pet food shelves in supermarkets, it would seem that cats and dogs are still unmitigated carnivores. Is the process by which all that meat ends up in tins acceptable to Mr Glover?

Of course, there are two sides to every coin. If he were completely successful in his campaign, and it did lead to the demise of the domestic dog, then he would earn the thanks from those of us who object to having to pick our way through the frightful mess on our pavements.

Your sincerely,


Kesgrove, Suffolk

14 April