LETTER:Mackay wants to save marriages

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From Mrs Alex Howe

Sir: In suggesting that "women (and children) are [financially] hardest hit" by divorce, Helen Wilkinson (Comment, 3 November) demonstrates a dismal disregard for the fathers, who are seen by the Courts and the Child Support Agency merely as cash dispensers. Where is her acknowledgement of those men who have been manipulated out of their homes by women only too well aware of the anti-male bias of current legislation, and who exploit the system to their own advantage? Many fathers find themselves having to fight expensive legal battles for the right to contribute more than just money to their children, against an ex-wife receiving legal aid.

When is society going to acknowledge that women are individuals who must be required to accept certain responsibilities for their actions, before using an indulgent legislation to claim "rights" they do not deserve?

All human beings are capable of making errors of judgement in relationships, and each situation will be viewed subjectively by its participants, but legislation must not destabilise marriage. It needs to facilitate a basically sound institution, which has been demeaned by many contributory factors, not least the unwillingness to accept that marriage is a two-way street in which both partners must give as well as take.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Howe

Hoveton, Norfolk

3 November