LETTER:Nigerian lessons for Shell and for the world

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From Mr David Bull

Sir: Your article "Shell defies calls to pull out of oil operations" (13 November) states that Amnesty International is one of several organisations "united in the belief that there should be international oil sanctions" against Nigeria. In fact Amnesty International never calls for sanctions but instead uses a wide range of campaigning techniques including the application of intense world-wide pressure on governments flouting international human rights standards.

The Nigerian government's blatant defiance of international appeals to spare the lives of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the eight other human rights activists was a senseless, outrageous act. It is now vital that political and diplomatic pressure on the Nigerian authorities to urgently tackle their human rights crisis be maintained and increased. We could not save Ken Saro-Wiwa and his co-defendants, but we must not give up on those others who still depend on international pressure on Nigeria to save their lives.


David Bull


Amnesty International UK

London, EC1

14 November