LETTER:No defence for emperor's new clothes

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From Mr A. N. Johnston

Sir: I hope I may be forgiven if I have missed the irony of Christine Wilkinson's defence (Letters, 27 March) of her stance over the "jumble sale art" issue. If, as it appears, she is sincere in her arguments, I fear for the future of the enjoyment of art, in all its various forms. The type of language and terminology that Ms Wilkinson employs in order to conduct her defence is typical of that intellectual lite which refuses to acknowledge that art must have a meaning for all those who desire to appreciate it, even if it is only on a purely aesthetic level. Yes, it can just look nice, if that is what people want.

There can be no argument with those educated individuals who are able to elucidate the more esoteric aspects of anything purporting to be a work of art (open to endless debate as always), but if that is the only way in which they believe art can be appreciated, they are excluding a staggering number of potential art lovers, and indeed artists, from joining in.

Yours faithfully,



University of Warwick


27 March