LETTER:Not a sinful situation

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From Mrs Cas Saunders

Sir: I was sorry to see that I was quoted somewhat out of context in Mary Braid's report "Church concedes death of celibacy before marriage" (7 June). The reason for choosing celibacy before marriage was that, when standing together in church on our wedding day, we felt that we were making a statement before God, our families and friends of our intentions to honour God's laws and teachings. Let us not forget that in a church ceremony, we make vows to each other in God's presence (not suggestions we may care to revoke later).

I would also like to point out that never at any time did we feel rebuked or rejected at Holy Trinity, Brompton for "living in sin". Indeed, the warm, loving and unconditional acceptance that greeted us (especially from the then curate and his wife, Nicky and Sila Lee) to this day influence us in our Christian lives.

Yours sincerely,