LETTER:Oklahoma:anti-heros and racist reporting

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Oklahoma: anti-heroes and racist reporting

Sir: On hearing the news of the tragic bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma city, many western media pundits put their accusing fingers on the "Muslim fundamentalists". In the few days that elapsed before the arrest of the main culprits, Muslims in the US were virtually under siege, as were Muslims everywhere in the West. It has now become fashionable for our so-called intellectuals in the media, whenever they find any smoke, to attribute it to Muslim arsonists.

It is very sad state that a country comprised of immigrants - which stands for democracy, freedom and justice - has also nurtured the growth of a militia which believes in racial superiority and is against all that is embodied in the Constitution of the US. That terrorists of this magnitude are working in different states, and were being overlooked by its security agencies, speaks volume for a system which always seeks enemies from without while nurturing enemies within.

For a few days after the Oklahoma City tragedy, the situation was so fragile that anybody looking like a Muslim on the streets of any Western city, especially in the US, was prone to abuse and attack. The responsibility for this lies on the irresponsible pen and broadcasts of the so-called analysts of Islam and Muslims. Muslims are therefore quite justified in demanding an unconditional apology from these intellectual demagogues, and I hope that they will have the courage to do so.

Yours faithfully,


Vice President

The UK Islamic Mission

London, NW1

25 April