LETTER:One man's pornography could be another man's erotica - and who's to judge?

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LOUISE Hunter implies that feminism is necessarily opposed to pornography (Letters, 4 February). Not all feminists support the anti- pornography position. In fact, some fiercely disagree with it. In the United States, a group called the Feminist Anti-Censorship Task Force (Fact) opposed Andrea Dworkin's and Catherine MacKinnon's anti-pornography proposals. Feminists Against Censorship are a similar group in the UK.

These groups argue (and I agree) that the distinction between "pornography" and "erotica" is arbitrary, and that such concepts as "degradation" are subjective. While they accept that much pornography contains strong sexist undercurrents, they argue that this is a reflection of the society's sexism, not a cause of it. The positive thing to do is not to attack pornography, but to create more pornography that appeals to female consumers, so correcting the imbalance.

John Burridge

Southampton, Hampshire