LETTER:Philosophising about the rights of animals

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From Mr Myc Riggulsford

Sir: Peter Singer's views have done much to advance thinking on our duties towards animals and to make the major medical research charities carefully consider the ethics involved in using animals in medical and veterinary research. It is tragic, considering the importance of such a well-informed ethical debate, that his major legacy in the UK is likely to be the deliberate and sustained pounds 3m campaign of pseudo-scientific misinformation that the major animal rights groups are pouring into our schools, in the name of animal liberation.

There is no question that medical advances such as insulin, vaccines, anaesthetics and transplants have relied heavily upon animal work. However, we all recognise the moral debate. We look forward to a time when children can be given the chance to make up their own minds.

Yours faithfully,

Myc Riggulsford


Research for Health

Charities Group

Shepton Mallet, Somerset

13 November