LETTER:Rabin:the high price of peace

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From Rabbi Walter Rothschild

Sir: One can only condemn the brutal assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. A veteran of many wars, he was also a man of vision who could see the prospects for peace and was prepared to pay a high price for it, if necessary. But this price was too high. A terrible, cowardly blow.

Those of us outside Israel can only watch, helpless, as those who seem to prefer a continuation of violence and hostility do all in their power to delay or thwart the peace process. This particular attack, coming moreover from Jewish opponents of that process, has been a grievous and tragic setback.

We must hope that Mr. Rabin's mission will nevertheless reach fruition - for the alternative would be continued war, continued bloodshed, continued misery. And we know from history how terrible and pointless this can be.

Zecher Tzaddik Livrachah - May His memory be a Blessing.

Yours faithfully,

Walter Rothschild


4 November