LETTER:Radio reflects church thinking

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From Mr Peter Meadows

Sir: I must respond to the call from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) for Premier Radio to lose its licence because of its "inflammatory editorial policy" (report, 13 June).

We have been accused of acting arbitrarily and of attempting to marginalise and reject those who are living an avowedly active homosexual lifestyle. This is absolutely untrue. We have done no more than reflect the current consensus of the Church so far as homosexual activity is concerned. It is our responsibility to do so, as our licence is to provide programmes based on the beliefs and values of the Christian faith. If the LGCM has a problem with this, it is essentially with the Churches, not with Premier.

Premier Radio will, of course, provide a forum for on-air discussions where LGCM spokespeople may be invited to express their views when a news item permits.

Yours sincerely,


Chief Executive, Premier

Christian Radio for London

London, SW1

14 June