LETTER:Remember the South Sea Bubble

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From Mr R. Woods

Sir: So John Major thinks that those of us who are saddled with negative equity have only ourselves to blame, does he?

He would do well to consider the words of George Orwell who wrote in Coming Up for Air, way back in 1939, that:

The really subtle swindle is the mental one. Merely because of the illusion that we own our own houses and have what's called a "stake in the country" we poor saps are turned into devoted slaves for ever. We're all respectable householders - that's to say Tories, yes-men and bum-suckers. Daren't kill the goose that lays the gilded eggs! And the fact that actually we aren't householders, that we're all in the middle of paying for our houses and eaten up with the ghastly fear that something might happen before we've made the last payment, merely increases the effect. We're all bought, and what's more bought with our own money. Every one of those poor down- trodden bastards, sweating his guts out to pay twice the proper price for a brick doll's house.

Daren't kill the goose that lays the gilded eggs? Think on, John Major.

Yours faithfully,



2 June