LETTER:Resurrection survives cynics

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Sir: I have followed with interest the story of the possible discovery of an ossuary which may have contained the bones of Jesus and other members of his family (report, 1 April).

What is blindingly obvious to me is that if the body of Jesus had lain in a tomb long enough for it to decompose and leave the bones to be collected in this manner then the embarrassed authorities would have had little problem with the disturbing claims of the disciples. All that would have been required would have been the display of the corpse to prove beyond any doubt that Jesus was still well and truly dead.

Sadly there are always cynics looking for sensational stories to disprove the resurrection. They will have to do much better than this. Still the best explanation for the preaching of the resurrection is that the tomb was empty because "he is risen; just as he said!" (Matthew 28:6).

The Rev Andrew McMullon

Crumlin, Co Antrim