Letter:Return to us our Princes

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To add to the debate about the monarchy, with the finalisation of Charles and Diana's divorce there was much talk about the title HRH. From the point of view of a great many on this side of the border, this is of far less importance than the titles Prince and Princess of Wales.

The two people who claim these titles do not represent the Welsh people in any meaningful way and have contributed nothing to our culture or our country, nor have any of their antecedents since the time of Llewelyn yr Olaf. After the announcement that the Stone of Scone was to be returned to Scotland there was some debate about what should be returned to Wales. I am sure that the majority of Welsh people who care about these matters would agree that rather than any material object, the title to our country, which was taken from us by force hundreds of years ago and is now said to be in the "gift of the Queen", should be returned to us so that we can grant it to a more appropriate person. It is more likely, of course, that we would not grant it to anyone, but that would be our prerogative.

R Beynon

Swansea, West Glamorgan