LETTERS: Animals are not commodities

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From Mr Mark Glover Sir: The recent scenes at Shoreham ("Animal protesters halt lorry", 4 January) are the consequence of a failure of the democratic process to put in place the overwhelming wish of the people in this country, that the export of livestock should be banned. The minor examples of damage to lorries witnessed are nothing compared to the suffering that the animals inside them face.

The contrast between the 1,000 police on hand each night at Shoreham to ensure that a handful of people can profit while animals suffer and the 200 police detailed to search for escaped and dangerous convicts on the Isle of Wight could not be greater.

It is incumbent upon the Government to take a lead and set an example by ending this trade. Animals are not commodities and should not be subject to the doctrine of free trade.

Yours faithfully, MARK GLOVER Respect for Animals Nottingham 6 January