LETTERS: Arts partnerships between big and small

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From Mr Tony Ridgwell Sir: In his haste to dash off the extraordinary response to your leading article "Let the market return to Covent Garden" (13 January), Jeremy Isaacs (letter, 15 January) has lost more than 100 seats at the Royal Opera House.

He is charging £267 for the grand tier, which, according to the period four booking brochure that I received today, has 124 seats, together with a similar price for 16 grand tier- level boxes, which each contain four seats. I make that 188, not 85, as stated in Mr Isaacs's letter.

So much unfairness can be disguised with a smokescreen of figures. An example: Mr Isaacs has pointed out before what a "bargain" his subscription scheme is. If you can afford several hundred pounds for seats in the stalls, you receive a discount of 20 per cent. If you can only afford the upper part of the house in the amphitheatre, you only receive 5 per cent or none at all. "To those that hath, shall be given."

Yours faithfully, TONY RIDGWELL New Malden, Surrey 16 January