LETTERS: Arts partnerships between big and small

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From Mr Mike Bernstein Sir: With regard to the letters from Jeremy Isaacs and others (16 January) promulgating large state subsidies for the Royal Opera and other arts funding, I have worked and sold my etchings within the shadow of the Opera House for the past four years. In fact, the "market" rent I pay for my stall at weekends directly subsidises the performance and upkeep of the Opera House, as the land is owned by them.

Ironically, in order to sell the best art I can produce, I have to adjust my prices to the market and while I am a successful artist with a widening reputation, in the end I have to settle for a wage well below average.

Like many other artists, enjoyment of my work compensates for meagre returns. I am, however, peeved that others receive inordinately large returns, funded by state subsidy.

Yours faithfully, MIKE BERNSTEIN London, N11