Letters: Asians called to Scottish fight

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Sir: In the absence of fair coverage by the broadcast media of the recent Scottish National Party conference in Inverness it is perhaps understandable that Gurcharan Singh should ask questions such as, "Where do black Scots fit in with Scottish Nationalism?" (letter, 23 October).

The SNP is a multiracial party which welcomes all regardless of ethnic background. The SNP has created the affiliated organisation, Scots Asians for Independence, a member of which, Hauyan Hanif, is the SNP parliamentary candidate for Glasgow Shettleston. Similarly the organisation New Scots for Independence has many English-born members as well as those from Europe and further afield.

In fact the SNP, with its policy of independence in Europe is attacking the narrow English/British nationalism currently espoused by the Labour and Conservative parties - "flag-waving" and "Little Englanders more isolated than ever" as one official close to the German Chancellor put it this week.


London Branch SNP

Brighton, East Sussex