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I'm sure that "Kirsty" Moore (or Christy, as he's more generally known) would be highly flattered to be described as one the "younger, trendier Irish artists" (Business, 12 October). Although undoubtedly still very popular in his native country, he's been around since the 1960s and to the best of my knowledge is well into his fifties.

Stephen Bamford


NORMAN Miller says ("Unplugged, and ready to roll", Review, 12 October) that there have been 1,000 takers for the electric Peugeot 106. This is probably because it has been sensibly engineered to do a maximum of 56mph and not mimic the excessive acceleration and top speeds of the internal combustion engine. Bringing the national speed limit down to 56mph would provide the greatest possible boost to the electric car industry.

Ronald Sharp

Abingdon, Oxon

YOUR editorial "Black and white issue" (12 October) rightly suggests that Labour must act on the lack of people from ethnic minorities in top jobs in the public service. If, as Tony Blair told the Labour Party Conference, he doesn't believe in positive discrimination then he needs to tell us what method he has in mind to change things.

Keith Flett

London N17