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IN REPLY to the comment by Peter Massera, Gandey's circus publicist ('Traditional circuses fight for survival', 11 April) that elephants don't do anything they wouldn't do in the wild, may I say I am amazed to learn that elephants roll on their sides in unison, rear up on their hind legs and wave goodbye with a handkerchief. You never know what they get up to in the jungle, do you?

M Forbes-Buckingham, Queen Camel, Somerset

I HOPE Lynn Barber gets more response from British Airways regarding her complaint than I did. I was booked on a non- existent flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth and it was only by the good offices of South African Airways that I managed to meet my aged parent on time. The only response to my letters of complaint appeared to be 'more fool you' for using us for forward booking. As she says, we steerage passengers are treated with contempt.

Margaret Gummer, Beaconsfield

'WHITE-HAIRED and swollen ankled'? I was stopped short be the ageist/sexist second paragraph, marring the fascinating article on the novelist Sybil Marshall ('New chapter for Sybil as a literary life begins at 80', 11 April). White hair is beautiful, swollen legs are no more mentionable than baldness, paunches, boils on the neck or double chins.

Brenda-Jean Gilbert, Berks

KING CANUTE did not 'discover that tides could not be fiddled' with ('The impotence that corrupts', 11 April). He chose to demonstrate to others, by sitting in front of an on-coming tide, that even kings who ruled by divine right could not stop their ebbs and flows.

Elizabeth Meehan, Belfast

BRISTOL ROVERS are having a bad enough season without Jasper Rees misrepresenting their home record 'Rovers short on answers' (11 April). Bristol City, Leicester City, Luton Town, Millwall, Southend United, and Tranmere Rovers have all played at Twerton Park this season and failed to score.

Ian Kendall, Emsworth, Hants