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JOHN LENNON was not a bastard (Notebook, 8 August). His parents, Alfred and Julia, were married at Mount Pleasant Register Office, Liverpool, on 3 December 1938. John was born on 9 October 1940.

Ray Coleman, Richmond, Surrey

I WAS appalled to read in 'Out of the cage and into the garden' (8 August) that the Government is willing to spend pounds 60,000 a year to keep each lunatic criminal in such comfort at Ashworth and at the same time considering the reduction of benefits to the elderly.

Noel Mander, Suffolk

THE Bosnian crisis will not be solved in Sarajevo ('Serbs shrug off air strikes as fantasy', 8 August). The solution lies in the strikes which are now sweeping Serbia in response, precisely, to the economic crisis that has arisen as a result of Milosevic's grab for Sarajevo. An army whose suppliers have gone on strike will not be long in the field.

Keith Flett, London N17

I AM not surprised John Englefield turned down an offer of pounds 400 redundancy pay from his employer, E Hillier & Son, after 35 years' service ('The modern face of workplace militancy', 8 August). Even allowing for the reduction of his wages to pounds 166 a week, his statutory redundancy pay entitlement would have exceed 10 times that amount.

Geoff Styche, Warks

SUFFERERS of bird fanciers' lung ('Common complaints', Review, 1 August) might like to know about the Breathe Easy Club run by the British Lung Foundation, which offers regular newsletters and support groups. Joining is free; those interested should contact Julie Roberts at the BLF on 071-371 7704.

Val Hudson, Uxbridge, Middx