LETTERS: Buying into education

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From Mr Mervyn Jones

Sir: I cannot agree with Andrew Marr that repudiation of comprehensive schools is "the norm" for middle-class parents. I am middle class, I guess. My three children went to comprehensive schools in south-east London in the Sixties, supposedly the heyday of wacky experiment, and emerged as well-educated people.

In the Eighties, I was a governor of a north London comprehensive. It was, and is, a good school. Four of my grandchildren are at comprehensives, one in Brighton and three in Dyfed. They are getting a good education and the eldest has achieved high A-levels and a university place. I know the limitations of anecdotal evidence, but this is surely a pretty good spread of experience.

Yours sincerely,

Mervyn Jones

London, SW1

5 October