Letters: Cynical ploy of the gun lobby

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Sir: Colonel Michael Badger (letter, 13 August) states that "professional users" of firearms are not allowed to take their weapons home. Some of the categories of "personal weapons" that the armed forces have are forbidden to civilians. Moreover, troops' weapons are under 24-hour guard by adequately armed personnel. Is he suggesting that the same should apply to a central store of civilian weapons? That could only be performed by the police.

Shooting competitions take place all over the country. The participants have to travel many miles to participate (and some of these are international and Olympic events). Pistol shooters practise "dry firing" of their weapons in the same way for training as do runners and swimmers for their events, only at home. They have the same dedication as do Olympic athletes. Must we allow one man to stop all of this sport?


Stewkley, Buckinghamshire