LETTERS: Death of a headmaster: where responsibility lies

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From Ms Diane McHarg and others

Sir: On behalf of children everywhere, we are in great sorrow for the death of headmaster Philip Lawrence. Our thoughts are with him and his family. As children, we feel partly responsible for this tragic incident and we feel betrayed by this terrible deed.

We are aware that it is our duty to stop it from happening again. In our opinion, violence on television encourages children to think that violence is all a game. It is the responsibility of TV companies, toy and games manufacturers and shops to discourage children from seeing violence as fun. We hope that the children who were involved in the killing realise that they have ruined many people's lives, including their own.

We hope that children everywhere have learnt a lesson from this violent, selfish, foolish and thoughtless act.

Let's all take it upon ourselves to make the world a better place and keep it safe.


Diane McHarg (headteacher)

and Class 5G

Preston Park Primary School

Wembley, Middlesex

12 December