LETTERS: Emma Nicholson's familial precedent

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From Mr Robert Cook

Sir: It is interesting to compare Emma Nicholson's comments on changes in the party she now leaves with those of her great-grandfather, William Nicholson, Liberal MP for Petersfield, who left that party to join the Conservatives at the election of 1885.

He then observed that the Liberal party was not solid and united as it had been 30 years before, but was simply a remnant of Whigs and radicals with no bond of union between them (Hampshire Advertiser, 7 November 1885).

It will also be interesting to see whether Ms Nicholson modifies her policy, as the UK Conservative Parliamentary Patron of the United Nations Year for Tolerance, of refusing to endorse its declaration because of its coverage of sexual orientation. This was supported by her fellow Liberal Democrat and Labour patrons.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Cook

London, W11

30 November