Letters: How world let Rwanda down

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Sir: David Orr ("Rwanda racked by genocide of stealth", 23 September) writes: "Despite the spending of hundreds of millions of pounds by the international community and the presence of thousands of United Nations and aid agency personnel the two ethnic communities seem no nearer reconciliation."

How much of that money was dedicated to reconciliation? Millions were directed to the refugee camps to cater for the many innocent Rwandese, but also catered for the EX-FAR and Interahamwe militias who had committed genocide in Rwanda.

Not a penny was dedicated to disarming them, isolating and arresting them so that they could face the courts of justice. Not a penny was dedicated to removing these camps away from the borders in order to prevent the incursions we are having today.

Many of the "unarmed civilians" who have died in the North-west of Rwanda are militia killed during encounters with government soldiers or caught laying mines and other acts of sabotage. Where people have been caught in crossfire or excesses by the army have been acknowledged, harsh measures have been taken against those concerned.


Public Relations Officer

Embassy of Rwanda

London WC2