Letters in brief

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l NO, RICHARD Doran (Letters, 15 March), homosexuality would not be criminalised as a result of your puzzling logic. A sexual relationship between two consenting adults is somewhat different to an activity that knowingly and purposefully inflicts fear, pain and an agonising death on an unwilling victim. (Those who do this in the name of sexual pleasure are already criminalised).

Maggie Guillon

Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire

l SO LINDA Bellos has "a problem" with the fact that the film Jackie Brown isn't directed by a black person ("British blacks threaten boycott", 15 March)? Joseph Goebbels had a similar problem with German films that weren't directed by Aryans. Perhaps Ms Bellos needs to be reminded that when it comes to creativity, it is the power and sensitivity of the human imagination that counts, not blood and soil.

Dave Godin, Sheffield

l YOU describe the Eden Project as an Urban Vision (Review, 15 March). It is neither: it plans a million cars a year and 20 acres of car parking in rural Cornwall, and is more accurately described as the Hades Project.

M Phillips

Porthcurno, Cornwall

l DAVID Aaronovitch ("I've got my period drama on", 15 March) is wrong in stating that there has been no previous TV adaptation of Our Mutual Friend. There have been two. The last was in the 1970s, an excellent adaptation with a strong cast which included Jane Seymour, Warren Clarke, John McEnery and David Troughton. Good as it was, I have even higher hopes of the latest version, which has started so well.

Ronald Taylor

New Barnet, Hertfordshire