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l TOM Dewe Mathews (Review, 2 August) mistakenly refers to "the novels of Jorge Luis Borges". Borges famously refrained from writing novels; he preferred to imagine a novel written and then write a few pages of a review or comment on it, which he could present as a "fiction", half-essay, half-story.

Bill Richardson

Dunboyne, Co Meath

l DONCASTER Council need not be so helpless over the town's sleazy image ("Aids shock for wild clubbers", 2 August). It has the power to close some of the clubs, or at least to withdraw their drinking licences.

Alan Pavelin, Chislehurst, Kent

l YOUR correspondent (Letters, 2 August) is wrong to think that Dr David Bull suggests in his book, Cool & Celibate, that sex is overrated or boring. He does not. The "14 good reasons to be celibate" included in the Real Life (26 July) article were written by the reviewer, Hester Lacey, and are not a quote from the book.

Helen Wire, Stroud, Glos

l IN his article, "Virgin trains hit by freak floods" (2 August), Paul Donovan refers to West Coast trains being diverted through Dunfermline and Kilmarnock. The latter is correct, the former is not: Dunfermline is north of Edinburgh. He meant Dumfries.

Sarah Beattie, Glasgow

l "HOXTON GIRL" (Review, 2 August) is a fraud. You'll find the real Hoxton girl working in the market, buying her kids chips on a Saturday afternoon, or in the hairdressers with her sister. When all the artists, models, and photographers have fled Hoxton for the next "trendy" part of London, (will it be Elephant and Castle girl, perhaps?), the real Hoxton girl will still be living in a deprived area of high unemployment, bad housing and rising crime. Regeneration? I don't think so.

Mark Thornhill, London E1