Letters: in brief

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SO DEMOS wants the state pension to be phased out (News, 11 October). I don't know who I feel sorrier for, my children and grandchildren's generation, who will have to pay for my pension, or myself who will feel cheated after paying in for so long, but made to feel like a supplicant when I collect.


Totterdown, Bristol

YOU refer to the "ultimate capitalist nightmare" of the modern flexible office where staff feel like "permanent refugees" ("Brave new workplace", Real Life, 11 October). It need not be like that. It is possible to create fluid, working environments, with the well-being and self-esteem of the workforce the first priority. Areas for brainstorming, reflection and research, as well as relaxation and socialising can exist alongside individual desks to give employees a sense of belonging. It comes down to good design and strong principles respecting the sense of place - which any amount of colour-coded rooms and trendy tags cannot replace.


Bisset Adams Design Consultancy, London EC1

IF LORD Irvine has to work such long hours he, like Thatcher, is obviously not top-flight (Review, 11 October). Either he can't get through his papers quickly enough or he doesn't know how to delegate - or both.



THE political cartoon (11 October), would appear to show William Hague suffering on the "rack" with Lady Thatcher applying the pressure and Michael Portillo with the cat-o'-nine-tails. But if one looks closely, one sees she is unwinding the straining chains. So is the real message that she does not know what she is doing, or is it as she herself once said, "the lady's not for turning" as she does not appear to know how to?


Coalville, Leics

"YOU too could have your day in court" (11 October ) states that Accident Line Direct is backed by the Law Society. It is in fact Accident Line Protect which it supports. The premiums for Accident Line Protect are pounds 95.68 for road accidents and pounds 161.20 for other personal injury cases - these figures include Insurance Premium Tax.


The Law Society, London WC2