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l Speaking in English, the spokesman for "Welsh writers can't find words for sex" (21 September), uses "nether regions" when he means vagina. Does the Welsh Union of Writers have a translation of "front botty"?

Tim Arthur

Llys-y-Fran, Pembrokeshire

l REGARDING "Is Auntie selling her soul?" (21 September), the BBC's Bob Phillis might want to know that in New York the target audience of the Discovery channel is called "Joe six-pack", referring to the mostly male, macho, 18-55 age group that Phillis and his boss John Birt wish to court. "Upscale", my eye!

Judith Hendershott

London, SE3

l I ENDORSE Richard Halstead's comments on your article on skill shortages (Business, 21 September). However, I was amazed at the quote from Ruth Lea of the Institute of Directors. She says the situation is inevitable, but then says it's impossible to plan for it. If industry's leaders can't plan for something about which they knowwhat do they plan for?

Ray Jennings

Ormskirk, Lancashire