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Seeing the Spice Girls feted by Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela (2 November) is further proof of this year's tendency for creating heroes that one criticises at one's peril.

Now who would have thought that two men with such dominant ex-wives would have anything to do with what they call "Girl Power"?

Tim Mickleburgh

Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Should there be a moratorium on the word luvvie, now that Richard Gere is identified as "The Dalai Luvvie" (2 November)? A luvvie is usually a successful person for whom the writer feels contempt. But why? After all, the people called luvvies are either trying to do humanitarian work, or show their unselfish commitment to a political party.

Peter Eyre

London SW1

COLIN TUDGE's comments about veganism ("Green, Pleasant and Needing Technology", Review, 2 November) are ill-informed. He argues that livestock uses up surplus wheat, although he must be aware of of food-preserving technologies. He ignores the fact that if there is no surplus, a large quantity of grain has to be imported. It is wrong to argue that farms aimed at vegans would take up more space than mixed ones. Nor is wheat the only food vegans eat. Experts admit that the mountainsides which are allegedly only fit for sheep will support trees. Or has Mr Tudge forgotten that fruit and nuts grow on trees?

Katharine A Gilchrist

Canterbury, Kent