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l WATFORD is not the only club where Graham Taylor can expect a warm welcome ("Taylor back at Watford Junction", 25 February). I support Aston Villa. In 1987 Mr Taylor took over this freshly relegated and dispirited club. By 1990 only Liverpool stood between us and the championship. He is still held in the highest regard and if he came, would receive an ovation.

Martyn Giscombe-Smith

London NW5

l ITALIAN titles were abolished by the Italian constitution in 1948. The only people who refer to them are Hello! magazine and now, it appears, the Independent on Sunday ("Woman of honour", Review, 25 February).

Therese Catanzariti

London WC1

l AS WE all know, cars have long been regarded as an extension of the male member ("A car is a symbol of what?", 25 February). Is it any surprise that all the energy exerted in maintaining a dominant position on the road has led to a dropping away in the level of sperm available for reproductive purposes?

Dave Monk

Saffron Walden, Essex

l YOU report that the BBC paid a six-figure sum to free Liz Forgan from her contract with Channel 4 ("New move...", 25 February). Can we assume that Ms Forgan (above) paid the BBC a similar sum to free herself from her contract with it?

Les Sharp, Hersham, Surrey

l DOMINIC Lutyens says "Calvin Klein's jeans ads outraged Bible-thumpers" ("Move over, Schwarzenegger", Real Life, 25 February). Why predicate religious dogma as the reasoning behind moral value? I am not a Christian, I don't believe in God. I loathe images which implicate children as sexually active beings.

Suzie Johnson

Whittington, Staffordshire

l WALLACE Arnold refers to the Conservative Townswomen's Guild (18 February). Townswom-en's Guilds, formed in 1928, have always been strictly non-party- political, being for all women, regardless of politics, race, age, religion or circumstances.

Iris Shanahan

Townswomen's Guilds,