LETTERS: Keegan's way

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From Mr Mike Elrick

Sir: Contrary to the assertion in Wilkes' diary (6 October), Kevin Keegan did not score an "own goal" on football admission prices while visiting the Labour Party conference. And, for the record, neither did he attend the conference merely as a publicity stunt to help out the leader of the Labour Party, as implied in your column.

Rather Kevin, as an ambassador for the game, was and always will be on the side of the thousands of dedicated fans who go through the turnstiles of the nation's football grounds. His comments on the nationwide disparities in ticket prices reflected genuine concern from fans across the country about the costs associated with the game. Does that make him left-wing? I think not.

Mr Keegan is not at the beck and call of any political party - he does, however, love the game of football and will travel to speak to any audience to share his informed opinions about that game.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Elrick

PR Manager

Newcastle United FC


6 October