LETTERS : Labour takes the wrong track

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From Mr F. A. B. Lynch Sir: I have listened to Tony Blair saying that the Labour Party's tactics on the Government's planned railways privatisation are to attempt to persuade sufficient Conservative Members of Parliament to join Labour in opposition in the House of Commons and so defeat the Government's proposals.

If, however, the Labour Party's policy is totally opposed to privatisation of our railways system, it should, in my view, announce clearly and unequivocally its intention that, when returned to government at the next general election, the railways, if bythen privatised in whole or in part, will be taken back into public ownership without compensation.

The distinct declaration of such a policy would remove the distasteful necessity for Mr Blair to rely on the hitherto undependable performance of Conservative "rebels". This approach would, at the same time, be sufficient to deter both individual and institutional investors from taking part in another of this Government's more idiotic schemes.

Yours faithfully, F. A. B. lynch Bridgnorth, Shropshire 9 January