Letters: Left-wing and anti-abortion

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AS THE author of the article on abortion and breast cancer in the Movement for Christian Democracy (MCD) newspaper, I take great exception indeed to being lazily labelled as "radical, right-wing, religious" by Paul Routledge ("MP in final bid to curb abortions", 6 August).

I am a member of the Labour Party, and am undertaking an MA in gender and society. I also consider myself agnostic. I wrote a factual article about the link between breast cancer and abortion and there is nothing "right-wing" in that. Nor is it so to speak out against the gross abuse of women's rights by China's population programme. The concerns of the MCD about abortion are quite legitimate and (speaking as an agnostic) I myself find it amazing that those who call themselves Christians can condone such a thing.

John Smith may not have approved of the MCD, but he did not approve of abortion either, and agonised over the issue, as he admitted to the Labour Life Group in personal correspondence.

Abortion is proving the most contentious political issue this decade, and it is time we had some reasoned analysis of the issue, not silly name-calling.

Angela Kennedy

Woodford Green, Essex