Letters: Lutyens' dream

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Sir: I read with great interest Jonathan Glancey's article (9 July), proposing the completion of Lutyens' great scheme for the Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, as a worthy Millennium Fund project.

I am second to none in my admiration for Sir Edwin's genius, and would recommend any lover of architecture to make pilgrimage to view the mighty fragment, the Crypt, which was completed. However as custodian of this, and of the Sixties Gibberd cathedral which succeeded it, I am mightily glad that the latter, with all its faults, and not Lutyens' impractical scheme, was brought to fulfilment.

Readers may like to know that visitors to the Lutyens crypt are always welcome, though access at present is tortuous and can only be in guided parties. It is one of our millennium projects greatly to improve public access to the crypt so as to make much better use of its majestic spaces.



Metropolitan Cathedral of

Christ the King