LETTERS: Men and women club together

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From Ms Lesley Bulman Sir: As a woman member of the Reform Club, I was saddened to read Vicky Ward (18 January) on women in clubs. In the Reform, women members are all treated with perfect equality. We are not confined to below stairs, back entrances or banned from the bar. My fellow male members are eminently reasonable even when ensconced on our hallowed, if low slung, chairs. Being "clubbable" does not appear to have debilitated their judgement, neither do they inflict their opinions on others.

After nine years, the calm civilisation of the Reform still gives me a thrill. It is a pity that Ms Ward in her justified attack on less enlightened clubs has not sought the views of women members in a club that does treat women as equals.

Yours faithfully LESLEY BULMAN London, SE11