LETTERS: Poetry outside the arts establishment

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From Mr Nicholas Albery

Sir: Contrary to John Walsh's remarks (Diary, 28 September), there is nothing patronising about blowing the London Poetry Marathon's publicity budget on paying 50 people who are unemployed pounds 10 (not pounds 50, as stated by Mr Walsh) for reciting a poem on 8 October.

Rather than enriching a newspaper magnate through a couple of column inches of paid advertisement, this money will be going to those who are outside the arts establishment. To one as fanatical about poetry as I am, this scheme, for which I accept responsibility, seems to me to be radical, subversive and to be welcomed.

Mr Walsh also failed to mention that the main aim of the event is to allow people to raise money for the charity of their choice by getting sponsored by friends and relatives to recite a poem learnt by heart.

With best wishes,

Nicholas Albery


London Poetry Marathon

London, NW2