LETTERS: Political frustrations of Generation Y

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From Mr Tom Shepherd Sir: As a 16-year-old, I was very interested to read what my peers up and down the country were up to in your current season of Generation Y articles. I was all the more amazed by the method of research adopted by the Independent. Two day-long, in-depth discussions with 20-strong groups of young people was the centrepiece for your research. I am amazed by the naivety behind this method.

As anyone my age will testify, when discussions of this nature take place in a group, the group will contain "leaders" who speak out the most. Following this there will be a significant amount of peer pressure on other group members to conform to what the "leaders" have said. Surprised by the shocking figures and relaxed attitudes of teenage drug takers? Don't be.

Yours sincerely, TOM SHEPHERD Brighton